Bone Material Research

With so many resources going to waste, how can we think of giving a material a new value or a second life? Using restaurant waste - chicken bones - to create an extrudable material.

Detailed Research︎︎︎

Kinky Kashayam

A studio that twists the worlds of history, sciences, technology, socio-economics, fiction and humor. I took on the role of Art director and creative led photoshoots, post-production and fabrication.

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Sea Horns

Proposals for future urban elements in suburban Shanghai, Lingang District.  An installation of  sea horns and their trashcans are proposed to be in the landscape belt around Dishui Lake in the next emerging future-tech city.

Detailed Exploration︎︎︎

Ice Stories

Proposals for future urban public instal at Flatiron in New York City.  Using ice’s physical and chemical properties, th structure is built with frozen impure river water which serves as an opaque slab for projections.

Detailed Exploration︎︎︎