Sept 2023 - Dec 2023


Sneak Peek into the process

EhNote is a medical tech startup offering speciality-based EHR, Practice Management, & Patient Engagement solutions to help physicians streamline clinical operations, enhance administrative activities, and optimize revenue generation.

Human-Interface Design, UX Research, Prototyping, Wireframing,  Empathy Researcher 

Context & Contribution

In my role, I have been privileged to wear various hats, collaborating across engineering, UXR, and strategy teams. This interdisciplinary approach has allowed me to deeply comprehend and define the problem space.

As the sole designer on the team, I consolidate insights from diverse stakeholders and proceed to refine the product's workflow, applying a nuanced design understanding to enhance the user interface. 

Redesigning Eye Exam Charting Process



Redesigning Overview Charting Process



"They (Medical practioners) already have a challenging job, using design as a toolkit can reduce some friction”

- What I keep telling myself and the team 


In the hospital, there was a roll of tissues. On my first day, I didn't have any paper to draw out my ideas, so I quickly grabbed the roll and used it to make some quick sketches. Over time, we continued to use the roll for ideation and prototyping. 

Conference Banners

Designed the banners for show booths at multiple conferences which lead to an increase in customer acquisition and interest in the company.

Impact & Reflection

Infusing the principles of empathy into user research, I strove to understand the mindset of medical practitioners as they used our product, shaping design decisions accordingly. In the fast-paced startup setting, I gently pushed the team to invest in ethnographic research from time to time to truly understand the peripheral needs of end users.

Overall, I considered myself fortunate to have been part of a mission where my design skills were employed in creating better working conditions for our medical professionals.

I feel a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to have collaborated with Instituto de Ojos Dr. Miguel Santiago Oftalmólogos, Carolina, Puerto Rico, in gradually bringing this vision to fruition. I am humbled by the prospect that, in the near future, more hospitals in the United States will adopt the product.

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