Ice Stories
Using ice’s physical and chemical properties, the structure is built with frozen impure river water which serves as an opaque slab for projections.

The installation invites by-passers to narrat a story, an anecdote or to simply just express themselves. These stories are then consensuall collected, rewritten by an artificial intelligence model then pushed out in the form of projections on the ice walls.
Design Research

The user walks in,
Narrates a personal story,
AI rewrites the story and then projects it onto the walls.

Site & Structure
The installation is at the intersection of 23rd street
and Broadway, next to the flatiron building in New
York City.

The structure is organic and forms elegant curves that
encourages walkers to seamlessly walk through while noticingthe installation. There is stategic placement of seating for users to sit down while observing the appearance of the stories written by the AI model.

Topographic map of flatiron district
In order to let the ice sculpture melt and drain back into the sewer system, the water must directed to one of the catch basins observed in Fig 1. The installation can be built on a slanted surface in addition to the sloped land to create a path that carries the melted water into the drains and back into the husdson river or water treatment plants.

Material & Environmental Decisions

The use of ice transforms the installation into
an ever-changing sculpture, every time you visit
it will always be different. Forever morphing.

The sculpture symbolizes importance of stories
and memories in our lives. The use of ice
emphasizes the impermanence of our bodies
but our stories will always prevail.

The water is from the Hudson river, impure and
untreated. I wanted to introduce topics around
climate change, waste management and

The installation is seasonal, it can be put it
during the winter times. Once the ice is melted
the water is collected through the drains and
go back to the river.

Maps highlighting
Fig 1. Manholes & Catch Basins along with water drain flow (left)
Fig 2. Manhattan sewer pipe lines (right)

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